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Terrasa is a software package for fast QC of acquisition simulation of a 3D seismic survey, helping oil companies in the decision-making process.

Major functionalities include:

  • Complex 3D geologic modeling characterized by lateral variation.
  • Ability to configure acquisition geometry or load a predefined geometry of receivers/shots and their relationships.
  • 3D ray tracing for P, Sv and Sh waves using Snell’s shooter and two-points Snell’s bending
  • The generation of fold maps. Travel-time subsurface


Terrasa is compatible with high performance computational platforms, such as multicore and clusters using MPI calls and additionally it has superior graphic
capabilities when compared to similar commercial software packpages.

Terrasa has been developed using high performance computing techniques. The main Terrasa functionalities are:


Medium modeling

Create, modify and load horizons.

Characterize anisotropy, velocity and density by layers, etc.

Create horizon from a cloud of points using kriging.


Acquisition geometry

Create, modify or load an acquisition geometry. Set up relationships between shots and receivers.


Processing and Visualization

Parallel Ray Tracing, generation of fold maps. travel-time subsurface, synthetic seismograms and snapshots.



Import/Export data by columns from files.

Load and visualize clouds of points

Convert binary to ASCII data files

Extract row data from data files

Visualization options (grid mode, lights, colors, rulers, color palettes, etc)


Requirements: Operating System: Linux or Windows


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